We have absolutely loved sharing some of our small animals and info to numorous individuals and locations over the last several years and are anxious to finally continue moving forward into Phase 1 of development.

  A small list of our favorite public places visited over the last few years....

New Richmond Elementary
IHM in Anderson Ohio
The Marielders
Red Ribbon Week

National Girl Scout Gala
Live Oaks Acadamy
New Richmond 4th parade
Christ Hospital

Here are a few pictures taken at some of our events.......

As a lot of local residents know New Richmond lost an incredible animal this year when "Jacob" the peacock passed away. Losing Jacob was a blow to the entire community and he will be greatly missed. The enormous outpouring of support throughout Jacobs ordeal is a testiment to the citizens and the city that loved him.

On a happy note, many do not know of our success with our baby Fennec Fox, "Libby". Some may have seen Libby at the Petting Zoo at the park in October during our month long Halloween events. Libby and her Brother were born with twisted leg syndrome. We were told that they would not survive and the only option was to humanely uthenize them. Although we did lose her brother, we never gave up and Libby is strong and full of life. Full story Here.

  This is a grass roots project being developed with the community for the community. You can help continue our special programs and park development by clicking HERE, or "Support" at the top of the page, and donating to the park. All donations are tax deductible.