Spencer Park Aviary is being developed as a zoological facility promoting and supporting wildlife conservation and our natural world. Our primary focus will be on our feathered friends from around the world but we will also be home to other animals such as mammals and reptiles. The layout of our facility will consist of landscaped walking paths that lead guests in and around the exhibits. Concession and play areas will be available as well as a childrens zoo. A few of our larger bird aviaries will actually be walk through exhibits. Visitors will be able to walk through the exhibit along side the inhabitants. One of these walk through exhibits will consist of birds found in central China. The images below show the three types of pheasant that will be in that exhibit.

  Pheasants left to right: Red Golden,Lady Amhurst, Impeyan

 A few of our initial feathered inhabitants will include members of the Toucan family like the Toco Toucan, Keel-Billed Toucan(pictured left), Curl Crested Aracari(pictured right) and Green Aracari.

 The childrens zoo will have animals such as the Flemish Giant Rabbit, Nubian Goats, Alpaca, Mini Horse, Sulcatta Tortoise, Baby Doll Sheep, Reptiles, Bugs and more.

A few of the Mammals at the park will include the Red Kangaroo(pictured lower left), Fennec Fox(pictured center below), Mountain Coati Mundi(pictured lower right).

Spencer Park Aviary will promote and support several programs
for conservation and the community including but not limited to...

Educational programs for local schools
Outreach programs in the community
Educational programs for adults and children
Educational programs for individuals with disabilities
Funding for wildlife conservation/protection
Captive breeding programs of endangered species
Junior zookeeper programs
College credit for internships
Bring tourism to the community

The possibilities are endless.

 Spencer Park Aviary is being developed with the community and for the community. If you would enjoy the park and believe in our mission and values than we would like to encourage you to help develop the facility with us. Please consider donating to help us reach our goals together.

Thank you!

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 Examples of a few walk-in and walk-around aviaries.